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Our dedicated chemists have developed over 3,000 skincare formulations that successfully sell around the globe.

Research and Development


If you have a concept for a skincare line or product – clay masks, moisturizers, toners, moisturizers, sunscreen or any other product, our team of qualified R&D chemists can create a formulation tailored to your needs and specifications.

We develop custom formulations in the following categories:
  •  Skin Care (incl. clay masks and sheet masks)
  •  Hair Care
  •  Body Care
  •  Baby Care
  •  OTC Drugs (such as sunscreen)
  •  Certified Natural and Organic

 We can customize your formulas based on:

  •   Cost
  •  Performance
  •  Target Market
  •  Certifications and Standards
  •  Fragrance

We source and supply natural Glacial ingredients to the personal care industry.


Are you looking to add a unique product to your skincare line?


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V6V 2L9, Canada



30+ years of quality sourcing & personal care manufacturing

Since 1989, Ironwood is the world’s leading supplier of Glacial Oceanic Clay and OEM manufacturer of clay-based products, based in Vancouver Canada.

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