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Ironwood Clay has unparalleled access to pristine Canadian cosmetic ingredients, Glacial Oceanic Clay and Glacial Mineral Water. 

Rich in minerals and rare earth elements, Glacial Oceanic Clay is a clinically-proven high-function ingredient that shows remarkable results in sunscreen, skincare, personal care, hair care, and baby care formulations.

Canadian Clay is found in one place in the world, British Columbia, Canada, making it an exquisite addition to personal care formulas.

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• Glacial Oceanic Clay [wet]
• Glacial Oceanic Clay Powder
• Glacial Oceanic Mineral Water



Glacial Oceanic Clay is the rarest and most exquisite clay in the world. Most cosmetic clays come in a dry powder form and are found abundantly in various locations around the world. Glacial Clay is exclusive to remote areas in Northern Canada, and is unique for its naturally fine and liquid texture. 

Glacial Mineral Water, the clay’s “power sister”, is proprietary to Ironwood Clay and delivers the same potent mineral content and mix of rare earth elements. A clear and highly-functional water, it can be used in countless water-based formulations whose performance, clarity, texture are enhanced by this crystalline Canadian ingredient.

Used effectively in sunscreens, baby care, hair care, and skincare formulas, clay is a highly versatile natural ingredient that has clinically proven benefits.


We source and supply natural Glacial ingredients to the personal care industry.


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30+ years of quality sourcing & personal care manufacturing

Since 1989, Ironwood is the world’s leading supplier of Glacial Oceanic Clay and OEM manufacturer of clay-based products, based in Vancouver Canada.

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